Steph Gorton’s Guide Of How To Scale Your Side Hustle (Now!)

Starting or scaling a business venture can be scary, especially during unprecedented times that we all have faced. Many of those in the corporate world and chained to a rhythm crave a change but leaving security can be difficult. For those brave enough to, professional help and guidance is a must. And for that, look no further than the expertise of Stephanie Gorton.

Steph is a Certified Business & Mindset Coach and Owner of a successful business that earned 6 figures within its first year of operation. She works with ambitious women who are ready to take their business ideas to the next level and has helped over 3,000 clients and led 200+ seminars and events.

She is one of the fastest rising stars in the business coaching world; her trajectory has been incredible since the inception of her brand in 2017. She aims to give individuals a purpose and fulfillment in their working life. Part of her mantra states, “you’re ready to do something every day that excites you and gives you a reason to jump out of bed. You’re done with playing small & you’re finally ready to take that leap of faith and trust your gut.”

What makes Steph a great Business coach and mentor is that she has great experience in the corporate world. This helps her empathize and understand the situation which her clients are in. She crafted successful careers working in Management for Big Corporates like ALDI & Michael Page, and her proprietary Events business. A lot of her clients have demanding corporate jobs; yet want to scale their side-business to provide them with a living. Academic work in this area points towards people often succumbing to their doubt and inner voice, Steph helps foster the confidence and belief for those to take the leap.

Here, Steph provides 3 key tips for those wanting to scale their Side hustle:-

· Know your WHY
Know why you want to go into business, ask yourself,” what is it you want from starting this business? Do you dream of 3 hour days, beach houses & leaving a legacy?”
It is fundamental to be clear on what you want to get out of starting your business and visualize it. Get emotionally connected to it. The why is the one thing that will get you out of bed when you don’t know the next “how”.

· Know who you’re serving
Do not try to market to everyone, Steph affirms you should pick an ideal client or niche and stick to it. Get to know them intimately, know what language they use, which influencers they follow, and find a way to get seen by these clients. Speaking directly to your clients in a way they feel connected to and understand is the easiest and fastest way to explode your business.

· Create offers to HELP
“I see a lot of entrepreneurs creating offers because they sound good, you should be creating packages & offers that solve a problem for your ideal client.”
Steph suggests that offers need to be full of support, information, and value to help that client solve their problem. You should try to add tonnes of value get your clients a good result and create loyal fans



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